How to Choose an Alpharetta Lawyer

How to Choose a Lawyer

How to Choose a Lawyer

Choosing a great lawyer is essential.  You need an attorney with the right legal education and trial experience. Here are reasons to choose Alpharetta lawyer Edwin M. Saginar:

    1. I have decades of experience as a practicing attorney in good standing with the Georgia Bar.
    2. I keep my clients up to date regarding all aspects of their cases.
    3. I treat my clients with respect and dignity.
    4. My rates are reasonable.
    5. I am accessible, and often take calls on weekends and evenings.
    6. I am always well-prepared with the facts and the law.
    7. I am most familiar court procedures and obtain results.
    8. How to Choose a Lawyer

      Great Experience for Better Outcomes

    9. I do not promise what I cannot deliver.
    10. I know that the law, cases, trials, courthouses and legal paperwork can be scary and disturbing.  I help allay fears and prepare my clients.
    11. To me, law is a passion and a calling.
    12. Preparation is the key to success, and I am well-prepared.
    13. My experience and my age have bestowed on me a certain level of respect from the Judges before whom I appear.
    14. In my career, I have helped to establish and sell businesses, drafted business agreements and documents and given entrepreneurs legal advice.
    15. I keep an open dialog with the opposing attorney exploring the potential of settlement.
    16. I believe strongly in mediation/Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) to settle cases, mediation procedures and arbitration.