Criminal Defense in Alpharetta

After more than four (4) decades of representing individuals who are charged with crimes by the State and Federal governments, I have reached several conclusions about most individuals who must answer to allegations, both true and false.

a) The average person doesn’t understand the process and thus is intimidated by it;
b) Most people are not aware of the consequences and punishment for the particular crime with which they are charged;
c) Since people typically have not thought about being arrested and charged with a crime, they haven’t contemplated about the work required by an attorney to defend them.

I take the mystery out of criminal defense by explaining the various stages, procedures, evidence, issues and cost of a vigorous defense. I have defended people accused of:

a) Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Felony Murder;
b) Aggravated battery, simple assault; aggravated battery, simply battery;
c) Sex crimes including but not limited to rape, child molestation, aggravated child molestation;
d) Possession, possession with intent to distribute and trafficking an illegal or controlled substance;
e) Bank fraud, I.D. fraud, forgery;
f) Money laundering and other white-collar crimes.

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Cases > Child Molestation/Child Sexual Abuse

The typical scenario for child sexual abuse involves the child’s teacher or psychologist identifying a problem then reporting the problem to the authorities. The child submits to a forensic interview. The interview is conducted by a specific protocol.  It is led by a recognized expert and is taped.

While there are many bona fide accusations, there are also literally hundreds of thousands of false accusations. The effect can be emotionally and financially disastrous to the person who has been accused. Sometimes the child’s testimony is obtained during an interview by using improper techniques. Sometimes such accusations are used by a party in a divorce case as a posturing tactic regarding custody. I use proper expert witnesses to identify these issues.

An aspect of defending such an accusation is having an expert analyze and critique the interview. There have been instances during an interview when the interviewer would use what is referred to as the “neuter doll.” This doll is naked but the sexual parts are not depicted. The typical question used is “where did Freddy touch you? Can you point to where he touched you?” or something similar.  Over time the interviews became more sophisticated.

Child molestation cases cut across social and financial strata. A sexual crime against a child is an emotional and complex case to defend. I have the experience and knowledge to defend these types of cases.