Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs)

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia

Edwin M. Saginar handles Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs)

A Temporary Protective Order (TPO) is when one person gets a court order to keep someone else away from them in the case of abuse, harassment, threats, etc.

A TPO is a very strict document, and for those on the receiving end of a TPO, the consequences are very tough. In many cases, the TPOs are justified, and I can guide you through the process of getting them issued to protect you against someone who is threatening, abusing or harassing you.

Domestic violence is an extremely serious issue, and I take it very seriously. I work quickly with clients ensuring safety from abusers. I have extensive experience with the TPO process from filing procedures to working with the courts providing the outcome that you need. Contact me to file a TPO if you are experiencing physical, emotional or psychological abuse and wish to stop the cycle of abuse.

Sometimes, however, you may receive a Temporary Protective Order. I have seen many clients on the receiving end of an unjustified TPO, e.g. a false accusation used as a dirty trick in divorces to gain temporary custody and to paint one parent as a bad parent. Unfortunately, making a false accusation to get a frivolous TPO is very easy.

TPOs are issued “ex parte,” meaning the accused is not present to defend himself or herself to a judge before it is issued. After that, it can take months for the accused to get in front of a judge. In the meantime, the accused is typically away from his or her own children, home, belongings, etc., living in a hotel, paying for a hotel and a home simultaneously, etc.

Being on the receiving end of such a TPO is very strenuous emotionally, physically and can have tremendous consequences in divorces, for custody, etc. I’ve seen people kicked out of their own homes with a moment’s notice with the clothes on their back and not much more. I will guide you through the process, tell you what to expect and then I will do what I can to get such a TPO overturned/dismissed for you so that you can have the success you deserve.