Areas of Legal Practice

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia

Areas of Practice

An Alpharetta Attorney practicing in Georgia since 1969.

By retaining Edwin M. Saginar, Attorney at Law, for your legal counsel and representation, you have a lawyer with a proven track record of success. In over 40 years, I have worked with countless clients in Alpharetta and throughout Georgia.  I have consistently achieved their goals through experience, knowledge, skill, preparation and personal attention.

My Areas of Legal Practice include:

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you need an aggressive lawyer to protect your rights. I have handled criminal cases in courts across Georgia.  I am admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Divorce and Custody

I am an attorney who cares about the outcome of your family law case. Divorces and custody cases don’t have to be contentious. As a family law attorney, I strive to reduce tensions in divorce and child custody cases. My objective is creating amicable resolutions that protect my clients and their children.

TPOs – Temporary Protective Orders

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia

Edwin M. Saginar handles Temporary Protective Orders

A Temporary Protective Order (TPO) is when one person gets a court order to keep someone else away from them in the case of abuse, harassment, threats, etc.   A TPO is a very strict document, and for those on the receiving end of a TPO, the consequences are very tough.  In many cases, the TPOs are justified, and I can guide you through the process of getting them issued to protect you against someone who is threatening, abusing or harassing you.  Domestic violence is an extremely serious issue, and I take it very seriously. I work quickly with clients ensuring safety from abusers. I have extensive experience with the TPO process from filing procedures to working with the courts providing the outcome that you need. Contact me to file a TPO if you are experiencing physical, emotional or psychological abuse and wish to stop the cycle of abuse.

Sometimes, however, you may be on the receiving end of a Temporary Protective Order.  I have seen many clients on the receiving end of an unjustified TPO, e.g. a false accusation used as a dirty trick in divorces to gain temporary custody and to paint one parent as a bad parent. Unfortunately, making a false accusation to get a frivolous TPO is very easy.

TPOs are issued “ex parte”, meaning the accused is not present to defend himself or herself to a judge before it is issued.  After that, it can take months for the accused to get in front of a judge.  In the meantime, the accused is typically away from his or her own children, home, belongings, etc., living in a hotel, paying for a hotel and a home simultaneously, etc.

Being on the receiving end of such a TPO is very strenuous emotionally, physically and can have tremendous consequences in divorces, for custody, etc.  I’ve seen people kicked out of their own homes with a moment’s notice with the clothes on their back and not much more.  I will guide you through the process, tell you what to expect and then I will do what I can to get such a TPO overturned for you so that you can have the success you deserve.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation encompasses a broad range of disputes. I have represented many Civil Litigation clients in cases involving: contract disputes, temporary restraining orders, partnership creations and partnership dissolutions and more. I am an expert trial lawyer with over 40 years of experience. I have represented clients across a broad spectrum of proceedings, including: pretrial hearings and depositions, as well as arbitration or mediation and, as a last resort, trial.

Estate Disputes/Litigation

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia handles Estate Disputes/Litigation

Unfortunately, the death of a loved one can divide a family, especially in instances where there is no will or the will is contested. I work hard to mediate such disputes avoiding financially costly and emotionally draining court cases with your family.  I’d rather the money stay in your family, where it belongs.

However, if a case cannot be resolved in a beneficial manner, my decades of experience as a trial lawyer will protect your interests if a trial in necessary. Call me today if you have questions or need representation in an estate dispute.

High Asset Divorces

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia handles High Asset Divorces

My objective in both large asset and moderate asset divorce cases is settling the matter amicably before mediation. If mediation is necessary, my objective is settling evenly and reasonably. If a case does go to trial, I continue to try to reach a settlement. So again, my objective is finding a way to settle reasonably. I will always work diligently for my clients. Additionally, I won’t unnecessarily increase the complexity of the case. Not all attorneys have the same objective as I do.  Some will make the case as vitriolic and as expensive as possible. I believe sparing costs is better for you and your soon to be ex and when children are involved, your children too. This philosophy is just one advantage you get working with someone who has my extensive experience and is innately aggressive.

Business Law/Business Disputes

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia

Edwin M. Saginar - Attorney at Law, Alpharetta, Georgia handles Business Law

I provide startup counseling for entrepreneurs, form S Corporations, C Corporations, LLCs, business partnerships and other entities, and prepare the related documentation. Additionally, I negotiate and prepare documents between business partners, including shareholders' agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, business succession planning and buy-sell agreements.

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