Prenuptial Agreements

My name is Edwin Saginar, and my law firm is in Alpharetta. I’ve been practicing law in Georgia for over 45 years. I’ve written many Prenuptial Agreements to prevent potential legal problems. I have also handled many other kinds of legal issues such as a divorcemodification of child support and all other family law issues.

Prenuptial Agreements are written legal agreements couples enter into before getting married. Prenuptial Agreements determine how and which assets will be divided should the couple divorce. Additionally, they typically attempt to prevent payment of alimony and attorney’s fees.

With society’s high divorce rate, a Prenuptial Agreement makes sense. Prenuptial Agreements help protect assets, expedite divorce settlements and save attorney’s fees and costs. Most importantly, Prenuptial Agreements help protect your rights and minimize the financial devastation of divorce.

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