Communication and Personal Service

Communication and Personal Service from Alpharetta's Lawyer

Communication and Personal Service from Alpharetta’s Lawyer

I understand how intimidating and confusing Georgia’s courts and legal processes can be. When prospective and current clients come to my office in Alpharetta, I answer questions and make them feel comfortable about hiring me as their lawyer.

I work to understand your situation, problems and goals.  I want my clients to feel comfortable talking to me, so I may best serve them.

I focus on minimizing legal expenses by trying to settle disputes amicably and with as little confrontation and animosity as possible. Sometimes conflict is inevitable, so I am prepared for the next steps. This includes a wide variety of actions including: scheduling court dates, filing motions, drafting and filing pleadings, conducting depositions, appearing at mediation and of course hearings and trial.

A good attorney can save you much anxiety and apprehension over the legal process. The law should be fair and impartial, but often it is not. I understand the complexities of the legal process and find ways to improve the chances for the judicial system to decide in your favor.

Please contact me today for a free half hour initial consultation here in Alpharetta. Call 678-366-0730 and get the legal service you need.